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Economic Policy Ideas

A Capitalist System with a Human Face

Unemployment, poverty, affordable housing, medical care, social security, minimum wages, illegal immigration, destruction of environment, global warming and climate change... Democrats blame republicans...  Republicans blame democrats...  Who is right? Who is wrong? This book explains the root causes of our economic problems in simple language, without economic jargon.
Most political issues - unemployment, poverty, lack of affordable housing, etc. - are essentially economic problems. In order to understand politics a voter must understand economics. This book explains the most important concepts of economics in a very simple language. A short history of the banking system will give you a good understanding of the most important part of our economy. Economic history is a history of economic instability caused by instability of bank credit. New money is created with new debt when commercial banks make loans. This expansion of credit and accumulation of debt causes the economy to boom. At some point there is too much debt in the economy, and the banking system starts to collect debt without making many new loans. Money is destroyed as debt is paid off. Tight bank credit causes an economic downturn, and millions of Americans suffer. Is there a way to eliminate the instability of our economy and to solve many other economic problems? You bet. We can do it without confiscating wealth from the rich. Yes, we can have a capitalist system with a human face.

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